China Natural Resources Inc, listed on the Nasdaq capital market (code: CHNR), is one of the leading resources groups in China.  It is principally engaged in exploration for lead, silver and other metals in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of the PRC.  CHNR's headquartered in Shenzhen, the PRC, with an office in Hong Kong.

Mineral exploration in Inner Mongolia

你懂的网址 The Company's Bayannaoer subsidiary was established in 2005 to engage in mineral exploration activities in Bayannaoer City in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of the PRC. The exploration program at its main property, the Moruogu Tong Mine, has indicated the presence of a “mid-size” deposit of lead and silver ore and resources sufficient in quantity and quality to warrant further exploration.

Future Development

你懂的网址 CHNR's current achievements relied on a series of successful corporate moves of merger and acquisition, and in the foreseeable future, we will continue this strategy to appropriately focus and invest our resources, as well as to grow our businesses. By ever strengthening technologies and expertise in the mining industries, we pledge to provide high quality products at reasonable costs to our customers, while maximizing our shareholder value at the same time.